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Professional Grade Recovery, At-Home.

The NuRecover Portable Ice Bath is a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize your recovery routine.

It provides the benefits of cold therapy in a compact and portable package, targeting post-workout muscle soreness and joint discomfort.

With its professional-grade construction and adjustable temperature settings, this innovative ice bath allows you to customize your recovery experience for the ultimate body recharge.

Don’t let Soreness & Pain stop you from reaching your full potential.

Are you tired of dealing with post-workout muscle soreness and aching joints? Do you wish there was a convenient solution that could accelerate your recovery process and help you perform at your best?

Achieve your fastest recovery yet, with the power of NuRecover Ice Bath.

The NuRecover Portable Ice Bath targets post-workout muscle soreness and joint discomfort, empowering you to accelerate your recovery process, reduce inflammation, and promote optimal healing.

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6 Benefits Pro Athletes

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  • 1


    Submerging in freezing baths benefits the heart. Cold water redirects blood flow to vital organs, including the heart. This makes the heart work harder, pumping blood with increased force and supplying more oxygen and nutrients for cardiovascular health. An alternative to a walk is an invigorating ice bath for a similar blood-circulatory boost.

  • 2

    Stronger immune system.

    Boost your immune system by leveraging the incredible health benefits of using Ice Baths. Scientific research shows that cold showers positively impact immunity. A notable 2016 study in PLoS One found a 30% reduction in sick days for those who regularly took cold showers daily.

  • 3

    Deeper &
    Better sleep.

    Unlock the potential for deeper and more restorative sleep with the aid of cold water exposure. The impact on the central nervous system induced by cold water immersion contributes to enhanced sleep quality and a heightened sense of well-being, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized after a ten to fifteen-minute session.

  • 4


    Promote accelerated recovery with the aid of cold water immersion. Athletes can experience a notable improvement in their recovery process, as demonstrated by a 2017 study. The research revealed that MMA competitors who engaged in post-workout cold water immersion reported reduced soreness compared to those who did not incorporate this practice.

  • 5

    Reduced stress
    & anxiety.

    Discover stress and anxiety relief through cold stimulation. In a 2018 study, cold stimulation on the neck region activated the vagus nerve, lowering heart rate and potentially reducing stress. This scientific evidence emphasizes cold stimulation as an effective method to promote relaxation and emotional well-being.

  • 6


    Cold therapy acts as a remarkable natural remedy by numbing pain receptors and effectively alleviating inflammation, providing a drug-free anesthetic-like effect for your body. This approach harnesses the potential of cold therapy to address inflammation without the need for pharmaceutical interventions.

  • 7


    Awaken your metabolism with cold exposure. The activation of brown adipose tissue in response to cold temperatures generates heat and gives your metabolism a well-deserved boost. Embrace the potential of cold exposure to revitalize and enhance your metabolic function.


See what our customers have to say about NuRecover Ice Bath

“Real Recovery”

I can't recommend this enough. It feels so good to have at home and I can use it at any time without having to drive to my gym."

Steward R - London, UK

“Very Spacious”

At first I thought - no way I am fitting in that but after speaking to customer service they said it fits people up to 6'7. It's true because I had loads of room."

Chris G - Birmingham, UK

“Use mine daily”

"I've been using a cold plunge since I was a teen but hearing that I could get one at home was a game changer. Absolutely amazing tool, a must have for everyone. ”

Tom T - Birghton, UK


"The best feeling in the world having this available at any time of the day. I don't have to go to my spa center anymore, I just dip in and out of this I love it."

Max W - Leeds, UK

6 Science-backed Steps to a Long-lasting Relief.

When you immerse yourself in the icy water, your blood vessels constrict, triggering a chain reaction that sets the stage for optimal recovery.

Kevin Hart's favourite way to recover

  • 1

    Immerse yourself in the icy water

    As you enter the bath, the cold water immediately triggers a response in your body.

  • 2

    Blood vessel start to constrict

    Your blood vessels constrict and become smaller due to the cold temperature, creating a unique physiological effect.

  • 3

    Rapid temperature change

    Stepping out of the ice bath exposes your body to a sudden temperature shift.

  • 4

    Blood vessel reopening

    The change in temperature prompts your blood vessels to rapidly re-open, facilitating a vital process.

  • 5

    Flushing out metabolic waste products

    The reopening of your blood vessels initiates a flushing action, effectively removing metabolic waste products that accumulate during intense workouts.

  • 6

    Lasting relief and rejuvenation

    By harnessing this scientifically proven method which has been extensively used throughout history to effectively relieve soreness and pain, the NuRecover Portable Ice Bath delivers unmatched long-lasting relief.

Step into a world where recovery meets science and elevate your performance with the NuRecover Portable Ice Bath. Experience the transformative power of these steps as you accelerate your recovery journey and unlock the true potential of cool science.

Functionality meets Convenience.

5 Layers of Thermal Cooling

The NuRecover Portable Ice Bath's advanced technology ensures optimal cooling, soothing your muscles and accelerating recovery. Say goodbye to post-workout heat and embrace a new level of refreshing relief.

Total Body Coverage

Recover like never before with complete body coverage. Our ice bath envelops your entire body, delivering targeted cold therapy to every muscle and joint. Embrace the full potential of recovery, from head to toe.


Entry and Exit

Simplify your recovery routine with easy entry and exit. Our ice bath's user-friendly design allows for seamless access, so you can focus on maximizing recovery and performance without any hassle.


Recover in absolute comfort with our built-in cushioned support. Say bye to discomfort and experience relaxation like never before. Enhance your post-workout routine with the perfect blend of comfort and recovery.


Streamline your cleanup with our hassle-free drainage system. Simply release the water, and you're done. Enjoy the benefits of rapid recovery without the worry of complicated cleanup.

Recover Faster.

Feel Fresher.

Do More.

Many boxers love a good ice bath for recovery because it reduces inflammation, swelling, and achiness from an intense workout. The cold exposure essentially kickstarts your body’s ability to recover.

Nate Diaz favourite way to recover

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  • “ A real health elixir ”

    “ I’ve been listening to Joe Rogan and other athletes go on about benefits of ice bath and now i can finally try for myslef, 2 weeks in and i already feel more energised than ever !

    Michael Smith

    Verified purchase

  • “ The best way to recover”

    NuRecover's portable ice bath is a lifesaver for my muscle recovery. It's like having a personal spa in my own home! I highly recommend trying ice bath to combat muscle soreness !

    John Johnson

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  • “ Soreness is finally gone ”

    Since using NuRecover, my muscle soreness has significantly decreased, allowing me to push harder in my workouts. I couldn't be happier with the results!

    Sophia Brown

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  • “ Addicted to ice bathing “

    “ My soreness seems to be going away which is absolutely amazing. I love how portable this thing is, i love using it daily in the morning to wake up with a bang !! ”

    Mia Miller

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Results based on

real customer data.



*Overall Success Score

Muscle Soreness & Fatigue

Inflammation & Swelling

Stress levels

Overall immune health



*Overall Success Score

Muscle Soreness & Fatigue

Inflammation & Swelling

Stress levels

Overall immune health

professional facility


Traditional ice baths typically require access to a suitable location with a large tub or container to fill with ice and water.

Temperature control:

Maintaining a consistent temperature in a traditional ice bath can be challenging, as the ice melts and the water temperature fluctuates.


Going to a facility or location with a traditional ice bath may not always be convenient or feasible, especially for regular use.

Costly long-term

The cost of accessing ice baths at professional facilities can become a significant expense over time, making it a less sustainable option for individuals seeking regular and consistent use without breaking the bank.

Nurecover ice bath


An at-home ice bath offers the convenience of being able to use it whenever you want, without the need to travel or rely on external facilities.

Temperature control:

With an at-home ice bath, you have better control over the temperature and can adjust it according to your preferences.


Using an at-home ice bath allows for increased privacy, as you can enjoy the benefits of cold therapy in the comfort of your own home without external distractions.

Long Term Cost Savings

Investing in an at-home ice bath can be more cost-effective in the long run compared to frequent visits to external facilities or spas offering traditional ice baths.

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Nurecover Portable Ice Bath brings real rejuvenation and relief from aches and soreness right to your doorstep. Experience the power of True Recovery at home.

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