8 Benefits of using an ice bath.

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I can't recommend this enough. It feels so good to have at home and I can use it at any time without having to drive to my gym.

John Edmonson

Ohio, USA

At first I thought - no way I am fitting in that but after speaking to customer service they said it fits people up to 6'7. It's true because I had loads of room."

Lindsay Smith

Los Angeles, CA

The best feeling in the world having this available at any time of the day. I don't have to go to my spa center anymore, I just dip in and out of this I love it.

Eric Lopez

4 days ago

I've been using a cold plunge since I was a teen but hearing that I could get one at home was a game changer. Absolutely amazing tool, a must have for everyone.

Sandy Boone

Verified customer

I was sceptical at first but after using it for the first time I haven't stopped using it everyday since. It has truely changed how I feel and I recommend it to everyone.

Dmitri Kristov

Verified customer

My joints and inflammation are like night and day. The relief is amazing it lasts almost all day. I am mentally more alert and focused and my energy levels are up! This is fantastic. My sleeping is improving. I just feel better overall!!

Christine Barn

Verified customer

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